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About Us

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Who is Ropho Sales, Inc??

Ropho was established in 1960 in Salem, Virginia, the seat of Roanoke County. The word 'Ropho' is explained as a contraction of ROanoke PHOtocopier. Ropho now has offices in Salem and Richmond, Virginia. Ropho has grown to be one of the largest independent copier and multi-function equipment dealers in the region we serve. Ropho is big enough to handle any job. and accessible enough to deliver personal and professional service.

Starting with copiers, Ropho offers a full line of computer output printers, network and stand-alone commercial fax, high speed scanning, scan to e-mail, output to color, powerful software based document scanning and retrieval systems, and even high security shredders.

The Ropho Service department has computer dispatched, factory trained technicians. The Ropho technicians can quickly respond to any situation that may arise. Collectively, Ropho technicians represent more than 200 years of on-the-job expertise ready to serve your needs.

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